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Unique Case Work and Strategic Development, Advocacy

  • M&A review provided to government involving acquisition of insurer by Chinese firm in daily news on WSJ

  • Advised Fortune 50 health insurer on state regulatory strategy as well as on a specific M&A strategy with states

  • Fashioned Product Design and Filing Approval and refined 50 state game plan for global broker, enabling Innovative Annuity for Medicare insurance premium support

  • Mobilized top health insurers for advocacy game plan on accounting treatment for ACA health insurer fee

  • As architect of NAIC group solvency overhaul testified before US Senate Financial Services Committee, Subcommittee on Capital Markets regarding insurance regulatory response to AIG on NAIC approach

  • Seized and successfully sold troubled title insurers during financial crisis thereby preserving title insurance market

  • One of two US participants consulted on developing international insurance core principle for insurance groups

  • Authored “Windows and Wall” framework for US holding companies, on insurance fraud, surplus lines, and instrumental on licensing, receiverships, and guaranty funds

  • Instrumental lead on shaping law and policy regarding insurance fraud, surplus lines, licensing, receiverships, and guaranty funds

  • Launched first US-based global supervisory college, upon which all future colleges would be modeled

  • Activated a multistate market conduct settlement of Fortune 50 insurer which resulted in settlement with 32 states, creating template for quicker resolution of multistate market conduct settlements through NAIC’s MAWG

  • Represent healthcare providers on delivery of care issues before state legislature

  • Launched insurer coalition that lobbied Congress on Deficit Reduction Plan thereby avoiding potential harm to Medicare Supplement owners and insurers in the market

  • Created, implemented a national education campaign to save lives for national fire marshals and manufacturers

  • Lead strategist and advocate for national adjuster association before NAIC

  • Fashioned and implement actuarial education advocacy plan on behalf of global educator seeking US recognition on financial statements

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